1. Drifting Toward the Absolute
    Josh Medina

  2. Primitive Future/ Lyran Group
    The Modern Folk

  3. S/T
    Drew Gardner

  4. Warm Alliance with the Outside
    Old Million Eye

  5. Magishishan!
    L.A. Lungs

  6. On A Moonlit Hill In Slovenia
    Lori Goldston

  7. The Steadfast Starry Universe
    Natalia Beylis

  8. CosmoPraesidium compilation

  9. 43 Odes
    43 Odes

  10. Vernalis
    Ocean Floor

  11. Prana Crafter "MindStreamBlessing"
    Prana Crafter

  12. Shootout At The Dildo Factory
    Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band)

  13. The Magicians Saw
    Alex Meets Sand

  14. Lionfish

  15. Outlaw Overtones
    Ramble Tamble

  16. Sax On, Sax Off

  17. Search For The Vanished Heaven
    Raising Holy Sparks

  18. somesurprises "serious dreams"

  19. Bird People "Down Of The Hamsa"
    Bird People

  20. Jake Blanchard "Colour Discolour"
    Jake Blanchard

  21. Bent Pyramid Trio / The Shouts From The Sea split
    Bent Pyramid Trio / The Shouts From The Sea

  22. Gregg Skloff "The Glacial Enclosure"
    Gregg Skloff

  23. Woven Skull "Emissions From Sun Bleached Brains"
    Woven Skull

  24. Zeta One "DreamSnake II"
    Zeta One

  25. Augenmusik

  26. Kambang Adzan
    Kambang Adzan

  27. Fungal Abyss "Live at the Triple Door"
    Fungal Abyss

  28. Hound Dog Taylor's Hand "Live at the Comet"
    Hound Dog Taylor's Hand

  29. New Forest "Distant Realities"
    New Forest

  30. Half High "Calling Nina"
    Half High

  31. Ø+yn & Uton "Solid Geometry and the New Mental Order"
    Ø+yn & Uton

  32. Endless Caverns "Colour Breathing"
    Endless Caverns

  33. Ecstatic Cosmic Union "XCU"
    Ecstatic Cosmic Union

  34. Jon Collin "The Great Stink"
    Jon Collin

  35. Datashock "LiveLoveData$"

  36. Planets Around The Sun "Cosmic Job"
    Planets Around The Sun

  37. Gonzalez & Steenkiste "Stuffed With The Down Of The Eider"

  38. A Story Of Rats / Hellvete split
    A Story Of Rats / Hellvete

  39. Thought Forms LP
    A Story Of Rats

  40. High and Dry benefit


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