Half High "Calling Nina"

by Half High



Lucy Cliche and Matthew Hopkins are denizens of Sydney, Australia, formerly of Naked On The Vague, the Bowles, Knitted Abyss, and a kitchens sink worth of other tantalizing musical endeavors. As HALF HIGH, the two have taken everything they know about creep mood and midnight tones and used that arcane knowledge to open an audio gateway into ghostly realms.
"Calling Nina" was recorded live in a performance space where the paranormal branch of the Australian Secret Service had once conducted seances to contact the spirit of a Russian psychic (Nina Kulagina). Twelve mysterious deaths later, the agents declared the space haunted and gave up the ghost.
This live recording of HALF HIGH was their attempt to not only perhaps establish contact but also to generate a collaboration with the spectral energy of the room. The results are powerful. Synths toll as weary bells, disembodied voices beckon from the the corners of the room, and a vague sense of unease and revelation hangs in every second of this recording. Listen up: the sounds of "Calling Nina" are still echoing down the halls of the afterlife as we speak.


released June 4, 2014



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Eiderdown Records Seattle, Washington

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